Anonymous asked: will you at some point though? and wait, does this mean you won't be posting on this blog as often?? sorry, i'm just curious!! haha :P

hahaha possibly! i may make another blog attached to the other account which i’ll tell you guys about haha :) which will probably be a health/fitness blog like healthy-mee (the one on this account) :)

but until i make that other account, i’ll post a little bit on this account hahaha :)



Officially accepted into Bachelor of Law at UOW!

so exciting!

Anonymous asked: why cant you tell all of your followers your new blog?

because i’d prefer not to just yet haha :)

Anonymous asked: How come you were in hospital?!? X

i had a really serious kidney infection - acute focal pylonephritis. after the first ultra sound i had, they found out that i had a collection of bugs/infections in a small part of my left kidney, which was more serious than they thought. my temperature would reach 40.3, then 10mins later, it would be back down to 36.5, then in another 10 mins it would be back up to 39. i had chills for about 20mins each time, vomitting, dizziness, and severe pain on the left side of my body

it was really horrible, i totally enjoyed being in hospital for NEW YEARSSS watching the fireworks with the nurse :( so my new year starts in february! :) x

Anonymous asked: what's your new blog ?

that’s for you to find :)

Anonymous asked: Why are you deleting all of your blogs?

i have already made another account :) 

and because i don’t like these blogs anymore haha :) (except my health one, but i’ll make it again on my other account i think) :) 

most likely going to delete all these blogs this weekend on this account and start fresh. :)