Anonymous asked: hey abbey, i was thinking of doing law at uni, not 100% sure what i wanna do yet but i was just wondering how you are finding it. Is it hard? or are you enjoying it? x

hey! to be honest, i didn’t even know what i wanted to do when putting in my preferences but now being only 8 weeks in, i am liking it and finding it really really interesting! yes it’s hard, you don’t really have much of a social life haha! but yeah, there are a lot of readings, a LOT, questions, case analysis’ etc to do, but i’m coping! i’m going to pick up journalism for next year too so i’ll be doing a double degree - only another year and a half of study, and a whole other degree behind you!

let me know if you want to know anything else, you just need to be organised, prepared to read lots (i hate reading haha) and to try and stay positive about it all! x

Anonymous asked: abbey, how is everything going with you? :~) you're right, you haven't been on in a while haha i just hope everything is going well for you with your friends, and dan and school (have you started uni yet?? i'm not sure haha) and just with everything!! i hope it's an improvement from the beginning of the year which just started out terribly. again i just hope you are doing good and i'm sending you lot's of love :P haha xx

this is adorable! i’ve made amazing friends at uni ! we have already said we’re going on a cruise together at the end of the year! dan is great! it’s been 16 months this friday :) and my year has yes flipped around haha :) thanks heaps though! xx

Anonymous asked: do you think you will ever give out the url for the new blog you made?? x

yis message me :)

using my new tumblr now! :)

message me if you’d like the link! it’s a modern, organic, travel etc blog :)

wow haven’t been on this account in agessssss!



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