Anonymous asked: abbey, how is everything going with you? :~) you're right, you haven't been on in a while haha i just hope everything is going well for you with your friends, and dan and school (have you started uni yet?? i'm not sure haha) and just with everything!! i hope it's an improvement from the beginning of the year which just started out terribly. again i just hope you are doing good and i'm sending you lot's of love :P haha xx

this is adorable! i’ve made amazing friends at uni ! we have already said we’re going on a cruise together at the end of the year! dan is great! it’s been 16 months this friday :) and my year has yes flipped around haha :) thanks heaps though! xx

Anonymous asked: do you think you will ever give out the url for the new blog you made?? x

yis message me :)

using my new tumblr now! :)

message me if you’d like the link! it’s a modern, organic, travel etc blog :)

wow haven’t been on this account in agessssss!



Fresh Farmhouse

Country Living Magazine